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Humidity (basement) and computers - a problem?

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    Humidity (basement) and computers - a problem?


    We're finally moving into a house in a couple weeks and I am thinking about saving space by putting some components of our LAN down in the basement. This would be: 1) the cable modem; 2) the router; 3) the file server (4xHDD in a Lite-On FS020 case).My question is this: how damaging is the sort of humidity you find in a typical East Coast basement? I haven't yet measured the humidity, but I know that:a) the lady who just moved out found it necessary to run a dehumidifier down there, andb) the foundation is leaky enough that now while all this snow is melting we're gettting lines of water coming in from the base of the basement walls (yeah, the place has its problems, I know; we're renting, not buying).I have no experience with this issue so I'm wondering if someone can clue me in as to whether I am asking for trouble putting computers down in a sort of damp basement or if it's no big deal or what. Do I need to know RH or is the idea ruled out simply by the fact that the place is a basement?

    Please help.

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